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Columbus Bark Park Committee

Regular meetings have been suspended, and ideas / projects are now discussed on our Facebook page, and person to person.  Email

December 3, 2013 - Regular meeting.
Present: John Davidshofer, Marilyn Lamb, Amanda Brandenburg, Randy Brandenburg II, Alika Thompson, Sue Fricke, and Tracy Sprague.
Meeting was opened. Minutes were read by Marilyn Lamb. No additions or corrections were made. (See previous minutes).
Old Business reviewed: (to bring everyone up-to-speed)
**The “challenge”-- It was agreed to continue this fundraising attempt for the next six months.
**Paws & Claws – Tracy Sprague was not able to make contact with Jan Berry. The idea is to promote collaborative effort/cooperative spirit between the Bark Park and Paws & Claws of Platte Valley Humane Society (PVHS).
**Watering Unit—Reported by Alika Thompson that the City has essentially tabled the request until October 2014. Thompson also explained that there may be a need for a “booster pump” with additional expense.
New Business:
**John Davidshofer reported his contact with the Director of Parks regarding the chain-link fence and areas that need to be repaired. All tension wire is installed and netting is tied down. ( Thank you, John!)
**Question was posed as to the current usage of the park. Davidshofer reports the usage is “steady” greatly dependent on the weather. Discussed was the feasibility of having a traffic counter placed at the entrance of the park to record usage. Thompson plans to contact the street department.
**Davidshofer shared an aerial photo he printed off from the internet. Additionally, he shared one of the beautifully handcrafted puzzles featuring various breeds of dogs. Future fundraising ideas with the puzzles were brainstormed.
**Amanda and Randy Brandenburg presented a Relay for Life proposal to the Bark Park. They suggested combining fundraising efforts to benefit both causes. Explained was the idea of hosting a Relay for Life Walk including pets in the event. Brandenburg said proceeds would be split 50:50 between the two groups. April 2014 was suggested.
**Sprague discussed the idea of including Paws & Claws in this and acknowledging that proceeds could include 50% to Relay for Life and splitting the remaining 50% with Paws & Claws. Thompson will approach Paws & Claws at their next meeting and extend an invitation to them to join forces with us!
**Brandenburg will be setting up at table at Hyvee to promote Relay for Life and provide information on community resources available to families dealing with cancer. Bark Park committee members are encouraged to join the effort on Jan. 4th and 18th from 9AM to 12 Noon.
**Discussed a “work day” in the spring. It was reported that there are a LOT of holes that need filled in and a LOT of “poo” that has not been picked up by dog owners. Overall sprucing up, cleaning up and taking inventory of the park needs will be the order of business with this event. Watch for more information on this!
**Revisited the idea of hosting a consignment auction on the Bark Park grounds. Davidshofer will check into the particulars and give the committee more details on how we can go about this at the next meeting.
Davidshofer provided a holiday cheery squares dessert bar for the group’s enjoyment! Thank you AGAIN, John!! Yummmm!
The next regular meeting of the Columbus Bark Park will be 6PM, Tuesday, FEB. 4, 2013, upstairs in Duster’s Boardroom. There will be NO meeting in January but we will plan to help (as able) at HYVEE (see note above)

Columbus Bark Park Regular meeting, November 5, 2013

Present: Sharon and Tony Raimondo, John Davidshofer, Cory Campbell, Courtney Dann, Tracy Sprague

New Business: Eagle Scout Candidate, Paxton Myers presented his project to the group. The project consists of purchasing or possibly constructing agility equipment for the park including weave poles, an adjustable jump stand, teeter totter and tube. Myers plans to investigate placement and arrangement of agility equipment. Also mentioned was a boulder to be strategically placed. Myers will further investigate availability of materials and products, and fundraising assistance/donations from local businesses. Myers is encouraged to approach the City Park Board to get their blessing on the project.

Discussed fundraising and need to help with the cost of this project estimated at $700. Myers asked permission to set up a donation table at the park to raise money while explaining his project to people frequenting the park. Fundraising ideas were brainstormed by the group. Plans are to have equipment in place before June 2014. Davidshofer offered fundraising ideas of a consignment auction and selling items on Ebay to raise money for upcoming projects. A “challenge” will be issued on the website, on FaceBook and in the display case at the park to anyone who uses the Bark Park---The challenge is to commit to selling one or more items on Ebay, CraigsList, FaceBook or any other social network and donate 100% of the proceeds to the Bark Park.

Mention was made that Paws and Claws should be included in fundraising and monies raised split to assist efforts to care for dogs as well as keep the dog park going. Sprague plans to contact Paws and Claws to discuss feasibility of combining forces for fundraising.

Discussed was the need for “fresh” ideas and new blood within the group. Those in attendance were urged to get others involved. Many people have “liked” or sent “friend” requests but ongoing contact/communication from park users is non-existent. Involvement from the public is drastically needed in order to keep the park moving toward established goals.

Discussed was the next phase: Watering unit specifically designed for people and dogs. City of Columbus plans to assist with this purchase. Raimondo has received an application for City funding and will complete and submit this on behalf of the group.

Other business: Raimondo and Alika Thompson were recognized for their commitment and tireless efforts to make the park a reality. Davidshofer was recognized for all of the time he has spent beautifying the park, fixing the bag holders on the fence, weed eating and also for his talent in installing the tension wire along the bottom of the fence. Tension wire at the bottom of the fence will help keep dogs from being able to scoot under the fence. Sprague will contact Davidshofer to help provide the remaining tension wire necessary to complete the job.

Davidshofer provided a “secret recipe” brickle brownie dessert bar for the group’s enjoyment! Thank you, John!! Yummmm!

The next regular meeting of the Columbus Bark Park will be 6PM, Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2013, Duster’s Boardroom.

Columbus Bark Park Regular meeting, April 2, 2013

Present: Jeff Thompson, Sam Thompson, Sharon and Tony Raimondo, Marilyn Lamb, Tracy Sprague, Alika Thompson, Skip Fricke, Trent and Erica Earley, Adele Bernard.

Eagle Scout Canidate, Sam Thompson and Jeff Thompson visited briefly with Tony Raimondo regarding installation of the park benches at the park. Discussion included: Raimondo stating that the benches will be delivered and offloaded by volunteer help at the park on Thursday, April 4th. Thompson will enlist help from fellow scouts to fasten and secure the benches to the concrete slabs already in place. There are three (3) six foot benches and one (1) bench that measures eight foot. The eight foot bench will be placed near the entrance on the east side/small dog area. Thompsons exit.

The fence will be installed prior to the grand opening.

Mention was made of a potential future use of the park by an established group wanting the park for purposes of an “agility” course for their specific club. No further discussion. More information to come for proposed 2014 event

Discussed concerns brought from Animal Control regarding park’s ability to police our own incidents in the event that an aggressive dog or vicious dog incident occurs. Agreed by attendees that a proactive approach and educating the public needs to be done to decrease the likelihood of such incidents.

Discussed Grand Opening:

There was much discussion regarding the day’s planned activities and ultimately the need to “keep it simple” was expressed. Final decisions included:

Grand Opening will be Saturday, April. 20, 2013 beginning at 9:30AM at the bark park with a ribbon cutting ceremony and light morning refreshments for those present. Invited guests will include city dignitaries/officials, local veterinarians, and sponsors, in addition to the general public. T-shirts will be available for a $10 donation and attendees will receive a free goodie bag/tote bag, while supplies last. There will be NO planned meal or concessions. There will be NO raffle or prize drawings. The public is invited to bring their dogs and enjoy the park following the grand opening/ribbon cutting ceremony.

Preparation for the Grand Opening Assignments:

*Contact newspaper for pre-event coverage—Erica *Grand Opening Fact Sheet/brochure—Sharon

*Time Warner, cable TV channel for community event—Tracy *Signage for event and park—Alika

*Doggie waste sacks/bag dispensers placed at park—Trent *Contact KZ100/community calendar—Sharon

*Goodie bags/tote bags—Sue Fricke with assistance of others (***see note)

***Anyone interested in helping can join us for a “stuffing” party to be held at the home of Sharon Raimondo, 2170 East Calle Colombo on Thursday, April 18th beginning at 6PM. Light refreshments will be provided by Sharon and Marilyn. We will be stuffing goodie bags/tote bags with brochures and doggie/people treats.

May, 2013--Upcoming Event

Also discussed was the May 18th Kick Ball Tournament event to be held at Gerard Park. The decision was made to allow Erica check writing privileges during prep for this event. Sharon and Erica worked together to get finances in order for the insurance premium that is due to the city for the event. Erica and Trent have done a HUGE amount of work and have secured numerous prizes already. Plans are to have Allie and Erica work together to determine the local businesses that may be willing to donate other prizes and avoid approaching the same businesses already approached. Erica plans to create an outline of sorts for other members to follow when approaching businesses. The outline will explain that they (businesses/sponsors) can donate to the event, sponsor a team or sponsor a field. There will be concessions available and Skip Fricke has agreed to grill hotdogs at the site. It was also discussed that teams need to register by May 4th to allow adequate prep time prior to the May 18th event.

The next regular meeting of the Columbus Bark Park will be Tuesday, May 7, 2013.

January 8, 2013 Meeting Agenda:

I. Agenda Topics

 1.   Treasurer’s Report

2.   Upcoming planned fundraisers – hand out fliers for distribution around town

3.   Getting a paypal or google checkout account to accept donations online.  All of our FB friends $9.05 each would raise $2,500

4.   Report from CART meeting about them paying for water fountain and parking lot & duathalon $$!

5.   Report from City Council meeting on Monday

6.   Telegram wants $17 per column inch to put in Memories / $9 to put in random part of paper see proposed layouts.
7.  Where did "Future Home" and Dog Walk / 10K run banners that were at the park go?

II. Goals

1.   Set up committee for Dog Walk / Run in April.     New date on promo banner & put back up at park site. 

2.  Should we make an advertising committee that promotes each event, and other committees that organize each event? 

December 2012 Meeting:
Cement and posts have been installed along fence line of park & pads have been poured for benches.
Discussed check signing privileges for Sharon R.

New Business:

Moved next meeting date to January 8, 2013 - 6 pm Dusters upstairs board room.
Discussed Appreciation Party for sponsors and volunteers - January 17 at 7 PM.
Discussed next fundraising ideas.  Will be doing a Valentino's fundraiser on January 10, as well as a Pizza Ranch night TBD.
New fundraising ideas are welcomed.

We are needing approximately $2,500 to purchase and install the fence to complete the park for basic function.

October 2, 2012 Agenda

Old business:

Cornhusker Power did not approve our application for Goodwill Funds.
Made $350 at Kickball Tournament. Thanks to Erica for handling that event!

The Columbus Duathlon will be donating the proceeds of its event to the bark park: We are expecting $1,000 - 1,500. But have not received funds to date.

New business:

Construction should begin this week (if it hasn’t already).

*Terry of No Swett Fencing has agreed to donate 50% of his labor to install the poles and fence for the dog park.

*Behlen has agreed to sell us 6 ft. fence fabric at $1 per foot.

*Arthur of Platte Valley Precast will install our concrete and donate 100% of his labor.

*Gerhold is providing concrete at $70 which is an awesome price.

Please be sure to thank these businesses!

Eagle Scout Sam T. has been working to install four benches at the park:
two on the big dog side, two on the small dog side. Two benches were donated by Behlen (“Sit Stay Heal” bench). Two benches were purchased by donors: Dr. Gregory Schafer and Dirk Wagner of Pet Care Specialists. We will need to contact the donor to see how they would like their donor plate to read (personal vs. business and names/spelling) They will begin construction in early October.

Hunter’s Breakfast - the Eagle’s Club has offered to let us have our breakfast at their location. Form Committee. Things to pin down: date, hours, menu, volunteers, anything we can do for hunting dogs? Free will donation?

Grants applied for:

WagitWorld’s Dream Dog Park Contest - $500,000

Juli Thelan and Sharon Raimondo both made applications.
Nutro Room to Run - $2,000
PetCo - $1,500

The Columbus Bark Park Committee meets monthly in the upstairs boardroom of Dusters Restraunt, downtown Columbus; the first Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. Interested parties are invited to attend. For more information on the Columbus Bark Park project, log onto: You can also become a friend of the Columbus Bark Park project on Facebook.

July 3, 2012 Meeting Minutes
6:00 PM upstairs board room of Dusters - Downtown Columbus
Columbus Bark Park

Jeff Thompson
Jennifer Thompson
Sam Thompson
Pastor Dusty Sprague
Tracy Sprague
Skip Fricke
Diane Lieck
Susan Fricke
Marilyn Lamb
Alika Thompson

Old Buisness
Pizza Ranch contacted us to re-fill out the fundraising forms to get the check from the April Tip Night.
Alika Thompson is working on this.

Donation Boxes are set up around town at various vet clinics.  Additional locations suggested were:
Boomgaars, Tractor Supply, Cainine Clipping Creations, Earl May, and Carol Witte, pet groomer - 402-564-5021

Construction of the park 
Kush Brothers was brought up as a contact for trenching if Frontier Communications was unable to donate the trenching.

Sam Thompson is an prospective Eagle Scout, accompanied by his parents he attended and expressed interest in installing the benches.  He needs information on when they will be available, where they are to go, and how to install the benches.  He also needs to know if donations exist already for the cement pads to go under the benches or if he needs to make calls on this.  Sharon Raimondo will be in contact with him and his parents.

Marilyn Lamb suggested the horticulture departments of Lakeview High and CCC to see if their students would be interested in assisting building the memorial wall project. 

Jeff Thompson suggested and volunteered to contact Earl May for assistance with the memorial wal as well.  He needs more information about the park.

Columbus Days Booth
3-4 People have tentivly volunteered ot work 1-2 hour shifts on Saturday of Columbus Days.  We need to call and confirm with each the hour(s) they are available.  Marilyn Lamb, Pastor and Tracy Sprague, Sue Fricke, and possibly Diane Liek.  Terry and Alika Thompson will be out of town with Skip Fricke.

Howl At the Moon

August 3rd Street Dance and Dinner.  4:30 dinner begins with carry-out available

Additional items were added to our needs list, and several volunteers were signed up for the food serving committee.  The updated list can be found on our website - “Howl at the Moon” tab.
Advertising for the event will be sponsored in part by The Hawk 93.5 and Three Eagles Communications.  They will be providing radio PSA’s July 18-Aug 3 on all three local FM stations (KKOT, Kz100, KLIR) as well as a 1 hour live remote from 4:30 to 5:30 on August 3rd.  The Bark Park needs to pay $30 to the live talent on the evening of the show.

Details for the fliers were discussed and artwork for the event was approved.

Ticket prices were tentitivly set at $4 in advance and $6 at the door

Behlen has agreed to donate fencing and 2 stages.  Verify with Sharon R. the length of fencing requested, and that Behlen will deliver and assist with setup of the fencing?   Per Joe Manganilli there must be a double fence around the entire area of the dance.  Wrist bands will be given to over 21 and X’s placed on minors to prevent underage drinking.